JSON Example

This is how a json file that contains locales can be structured.

  "error": {
    "canceled": "Canceled..",
    "no_c4": "You dont have C4!",
    "you_failed": "You failed!",
    "how_you_get_here": "How did you get here?",
    "missing_something": "You're missing Thermite.",
    "missing_something2": "You don't have the required Keycard.",
    "no_cops": "Not enough cops!",
    "recently_robbed": "This place has been robbed recently!",
    "cannot_use_here": "You cannot use this item here..",
    "timer_too_high": "The maximum length the timer can be:"
  "success": {
    "planted_bomb": "Explosive has been planted! Get to safe a distance!"
  "target": {
    "place_bomb": "Plant Explosives",
    "take_weapon": "Take Weapons",
    "take_ammo": "Take Ammo",
    "plant_thermite": "Plant Thermite",
    "swipe_card": "Swipe Card",
    "loot": "Loot"
  "prints": {
    "cooldown_started": "BOBCAT: Cooldown started",
    "cooldown_finished": "BOBCAT: Cooldown finished"
  "menu": {
    "submit_text": "Submit",
    "enter_timer": "Enter Timer (In Seconds):",
    "bomb_timer": "Bomb Timer",
    "seconds": "seconds"
  "progress": {
    "looting_crate": "Looting Crate.."

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